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Solomon Alber, a versatile woodwinds instructor in saxophone, clarinet, and flute, navigates seamlessly between serene renditions of Clarinet Sonatas by Telemann and Brahms to electrifying performances in jazz big bands and growling, rock and roll saxophone solos. 


Raised in the San Francisco area, Solomon Alber is a creative, dynamic consultant, saxophonist, clarinetist, zoom operator and poet. He uses his innate sense of style and music to enhance the mood and ambiance within any place. He is a natural born performer and can be found as easily playing in ecstatic dance festivals as in a dimly lit, smoky jazz club. Solomon also uses his expertise to consult with a variety of local businesses, restaurants, event venues, weddings, international conventions, and music festivals.

His powerful sound on the saxophone help him bring a personal touch to every single project that he works with whether its in the recording studio or up on the stage.

Solomon's openness when it comes to learning new skills and careful attention to detail gives him the flexibility to problem solve and make a quick pivots in new directions with ease. 


A graduate of Berklee College of Music, Solomon developed the Eklectric Method, a comprehensive approach to saxophone and clarinet practice that not only guides students through learning Mozart, Haydn and Beethoven, but has also helps students learn repertoire from an eclectic assortment of Jazz Bands, Rock Bands, Bollywood Pop Songs, Japanese Video Game Music and Balinese Gamelan Music. All students also gain access to Solomon's exclusive Lesson Studio WhatsApp Group where he posts weekly videos about the Saxophone and Clarinet, new sheet music and weekly challenges that are open to the participation of all students. All students who participate in the weekly challenges will have opportunities to earn rewards for discounted lessons, boxes of reeds and cool clarinet and saxophone swag. 

Check out all about what Lessons with Solomon are all about. 


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