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Ode to a Candelabra

To my little candelabra with gleaming, golden metal. Will you hold these special candles for me? Hold one candle tonight and, if I may ask of you, may you have the strength to hold seven more. You, the candelabra, who suffers silently as the hot wax drips down from the melted wick of each candlestick. Why do you selflessly stay steadfast when anyone would not fault you for giving up in this burden? This labor of love that you take up for all our benefit. Do you also find pleasure and solace by gazing deeply into the flickering flame?

Do you see it ebb and flow dancing with the wind as its only partner?

My little candelabra, you do so much more than decorate an alter. You, who holds the very light that enters our hearts and basks with our souls. You, who are so much like the divine tree without the use of any its limbs yet never failing to have them dancing together as one. Do you also entertain the child in each of us with those shadow puppets on the wall? The beautiful stories of everyday life they show us once we find the time to sit down and begin to look.

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Books of the Beloved

I will search and find this book so that it may call for you as it has called for me 

and if it will be, my beloved,

then I would read for you each and every page with the love and tenderness of an

open heart.

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A Song so Sweet

How can a song sound so sweetly?

For the dance of the Marigold petals drifting in the wind, I give you my wings so that you may take flight. And if you look down and see the future, have no fear for I will never be so far from catching you

To see you sore and climb high up into the sky, I would transform into a tall mountain.

For the sturdy rooted presence, I would transform into an old banyan tree so that I might bask in our deep connection like the sunflower basks in golden light. As if two birds find a way to match one another's flight. Can you see the glimmer of beauty each time we climb so high together? Like the author of this story book, you have turned my pages to a brand new chapter. One that we may someday write together. 

© Solomon Alber 2024

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