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Solomon Alber

Composer | Recording Artist | Bandleader

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Some of Solomon's current projects are the new album, Boom Leap Boom vol. 2 as well as a collaboration album with multi-instrumentalist, Jemina, featuring both traditional and modern Ukrainian songs. He is also actively writing and composing music for a screenplay.

Solomon's greatest inspirations come from Broadway theatre musicals, classic records from the 50s and 60s Jazz and Motown eras, renowned painters like René Margritte and Jean-Michel Basquiat and nature itself. 

Raised in the San Francisco Bay Area in California, Solomon Alber is a musician dedicated to capturing vivid emotion and unique sense of style. Through many years of experimentation, his unique approach to writing music involving his ability to draw inspiration from a wide array of diverse sources and styles helps him bring a unique flavor to any project.

The Boom Leapers 

with Kai Gibson, Andrew Rosenkilde and Justin Vidovelli, the Boom Leapers Quartet plays in venues around New Jersey and the Tri-State Area. The Boom Leapers specialize in playing clubs, art galleries, restaurants, cafes, outside markets, wineries, breweries and other events. 

With a wide variety of R&B, jazz and funk music in their performance repertoire, the Boom Leapers bring an exciting energy to each performance.  They are available for hire for cocktail hours, brunch,  conferences and special events. 

 Three Elementals Trio

with Peter Rushing and Joshua Siegel the Three Elementals Trio plays in venues around New Jersey and New York specializing in playing art galleries, wineries, cafe's, patisseries, European Delicatessens, tea rooms, markets, food festivals and special events. Featuring a unique flavor of instrumentation, their sound profile falls between bossa novas and swing cocktail jazz. Three Elementals Trio is able to achieve an ambiance to fit the profile of a wide array of restaurant moods and atmospheres. 

To book the Three Elemental Trio or the Boom Leapers contact Click the button below to see all pricing options and calendar availability, booking plans!

For all inquiries about Music Lessons, Music Collaborations, Woodwind Recordings, contact Solomon

Solomon replies to all inquiries quickly and efficiently within 1-2 days of receiving your message. Thank you for reaching out to Solomon Alber. 

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